The Treasure of the Nile

In a very restricted area, east of the Nile delta, a small treasure is grown, the Giza 45 plant, considered the "Queen" of Egyptian cottons. It represents only the 0.4% of the total annual Egyptian cotton production.

Egyptian cotton has been known for centuries for its value, the particular climatic conditions and the fertility of the earth alongside the river Nile allow the cultivation of the best cotton in the world.

Giza45 was planted for the first time in 1820 by Mohammed Alì Pascià, who imported Sea Island cotton seeds, being enthusiastic for the beautiful and shiny fabrics which were produced from these raw materials.

The combination of the best seeds, together with the unique ingredients of nature, which were offered by the Nile, have allowed to create the most exclusive cotton in the world.

The seeds are planted in March and generate a yellow flower, which then turns red, before giving life to the cotton bolls.

The cotton is picked up on September, by hand, in 5 separate phases which ensures that only the bolls with the correct maturity are selected.

Giza 45 is the finest micronaire fibre in the world, this exceptional raw material of incomparable brilliance gives rise to yarns with an extraordinary soft and silky handle.

To make a medium weight sweater, about 20 km of yarn are required